The Attic

  Welcome to the “Attic”

Although I routinely sell used items from the rental stock, from time to time there are certain models that are discontinued. I need the room and want these items out of here – so the prices are going to be the best anywhere. Feel free and rummage around. You never know what might end up here, so check back every once in a while to see if something you need or want pops up. All attic items have been used and are purchased “as is” – no returns. Better models sold first. Regular UPS shipping charges apply.

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clockWhat’s this?

When you see that clock it means that that particular item is a “countdown sale”. It is the opposite of an auction, and the most democratic way to have clients decide what they want to pay for a prop.

The price of that item will keep dropping every week until it sells or reaches its bottom price, at which point I toss it into the recycling bin and it becomes next year’s Corolla. The longer you wait the more you risk that it may be gone, because you don’t know who else is also interested or what that bottom price is. [Isn’t this fun?]  So don’t wait too long, because even the starting price is lower than you will find anywhere else.

and yes … these are sales prices !!


These are beautiful replicas of the first practical European longarm. It was the standard military musket from 1600 (when it replaced the arquebus) to 1720 (when it was replaced by the flintlock musket). The perfect musket choice for Cyrano and The Three Musketeers. These have moving action and practical ramrods. Some are brand new, never used before. Cannot be made to fire.    length = 58″, weight – 10 lbs.     Oversized shipping charges apply.

lowest price nationwide –  $278      (selling elsewhere for $640)

Y21 – POWDER HORN – full size

These are real horns that can dress up your character nicely. Used by muzzle-loader hunters from the early 1700’s into the late 1800’s.
Some are practical, some are glued shut. Best models sold first. [sold elsewhere at $22] 
      only   $3 ea


This is a very rustic replica of the sub-machine gun designed in Austria for WWII. The originals were much better made than other automatic rifles of the time. Still seen throughout the world, they were purchased by dozens of countries, but always in small quantities due to their high price. This replica is much cheaper, befitting it’s rudimentary construction. But it is wood and steel, with no moving parts, so very sturdy.

[last one left]          $47

Z35 – MARTIAL ARTS FAN – fan 004

Also called Wushu fans, stainless steel ribs on tough nylon fabric. Makes a great parrying tool and allows for some very flashy attacking moves! 13″ closed, 25″ when fully opened.     $9.50  [two in black still available] 


Full 17″ blade, for a menacing addition to your round barrel muskets. Cast metal, so it is a weak prop, but does fit well on the G55 Long and G54 Short Flintlock Muskets. [Does not lock in place, but rather uses a set-screw]

$4 each – that’s right; LESS than the rental cost. I have about thirty of these and need to move them, so take advantage of this great deal. These normally sell for $25 each! If you have a musket with a 3/4″ external barrel diameter and no front site, these bayonets are exactly what you need.

clock831 – SAXON CUTLASS

Another fantasy piece of mine. Spring steel blade from Indonesia, rattan handle, and my own fabricated steel dagger guard and pommel. It’s fight worthy and very pretty, but you know what is even better? It is so incredibly light! The entire weapon weighs less than 17 ounces!! Blade is 19″ long, just over 1″ at the widest, and the overall length of the sword is 26″.

[the only one I ever made; original price $265]          $130  


This one is a bit rustic, admittedly, built for my own use, not as part of the rental stock. I used it for teaching/performing when I needed a stout true rapier. Since I no longer do much of that anymore, there’s no real reason for me to keep it.

I cast the plastic handle and crafted the steel parts, all welded together instead of stacked. Blade is 35″ long and 1″ wide at the shoulder. The overall length of the sword is 43″.                   $207

F43 – BABY DRAGOONFrom the mid 19th century, this small-framed revolver is solidly built of steel, wood, and brass. No moving parts. Weighs only 1½ lbs, barrel length is 5¾”, and is 11½”long overall.  [last one left, available for shipping after Sept 1]          $54



The slightly non-traditional steel arms on this 11 inch guard have been hollowed for minimum weight at maximum strength. The superb blade came from Solingen, Germany. And this sword is new – never introduced into the rental stock.

Weight of sword is 3 lbs, 6 oz.

Blade length – 30″; blade width – 1½”; overall sword length – 38½”;  hand-and-half 6″ grip    $270        (last one left)