How to Return Rentals

Closing night is finally here, but now the clock is ticking. You have two weeks to get the items back to me without incurring late return fees. But how?

First, make sure that the items are ready to ship. That means tape removed, modifications reversed, and blank guns cleaned and oiled. Then comes the shipping.

If you have a pre-paid UPS return label from me, no problem. Just pack everything back in the original box (or as close as you can find) and stick the new label right on top of the old one. Be sure to cover or remove any old tracking labels still on the box. Then you need to get your box to UPS. But how?

  1. If your theatre or school already has a daily UPS pick-up, just have your driver pickup the package as usual.
  2. Hand the package to any UPS driver in your area.
  3. Take your box to any UPS Store, UPS Customer Center, or any UPS affiliate such as Office Depot or Staples.

No matter which, payment for the shipments was already arranged by me, so you won’t be asked to pay anything more.

“What if I lost the label?” UPS can’t print up a replacement, but I can. I can email a copy over to you in a jiff. (Actually, in a jpg.)

“What if I didn’t request a return label when I placed the order?” I might be able to generate one from here anyway, but not always. Ask, and I’ll find out. If I can, you’ll need to pay for that when I send it to you.

“Do I have to use UPS?” Not at all. You may use any service carrier you wish. (The only exception is when shipping blanks. Those have to go either UPS Ground or FedEx Ground – not postal). But do make sure that the items will be delivered to me within 15 days of closing night.

“Can I just have a shipping company package the items for me?” Sure, but they charge a horrendous amount of money to wrap, box, and seal your shipment – often more than $100. The more work you can do – finding a box, wrapping up the items, sealing the ends – the more you’ll save.

“I thought it’s illegal to ship guns unless you have a special license.” That’s true, if you are shipping real guns. But that isn’t the case with these theatrical props. Even some clerks at shipping companies are not aware of all of the rules, and when they hear the word “gun” their brains hear “terrorist” and shut down. Then they don’t hear anything else and won’t accept your shipment. Prop gun, wood gun, Styrofoam gun, glue gun, cake frosting gun, Peter Gunn, t-shirt gun ….. it doesn’t matter. You can talk until you’re blue in the face and it won’t make any difference. So stay away from using the word “gun”. If you need to describe the contents, use the correct terminology – “theatre props”. Because that is what they are.