Rental Prices Explained

Invoices are mailed out AFTER the items have been shipped. You might get your invoice from a week to a month after you receive the boxes. I do not provide packing slips, pre-invoices, or written estimates.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I just don’t have the staff to do anything but build your order, ship your order, and then invoice the order, in that order

The prices listed next to each item on any rental page is the price for any rental of less than 31 days.

That is not the same as saying that it is the “monthly rental price”, because after the first 30 days we don’t charge you for a whole second month if you aren’t using it for a whole second month.

All items are rented for the minimum listed fee, even if the rental period is for less than thirty days. Whether it is for one month or one hour, the rental is the same. [From my experience if rentals are on a weekly basis, theatres will want delivery on items only a day or two before first tech. We all know that having the props earlier is safer for the actors, and if theatres know that they pay the same price for one week or for four, they are more likely to order early and get the props in the hands of the actors well before tech week.]

Ah, but anything after thirty days is pro-rated per day, and is based on only half the first month rate. That’s right, the price drops way down after the first month.

So let’s say you need a sword, and you see that it is listed at $40, but you need it for 6 weeks. The rental fee is going to be $50. Not $80, not $60 … $50. Get it?

“Yeah, but what about transit time?”

The rental clock doesn’t start until the items are delivered to you, and it stops on closing night. Then we give everyone a two-week grace period to get the items back to us. So, no, you are not charged for the time in transit.

“Why do some items have more than one rental price listed?”

Some items can be outfitted in different ways, according to your needs. On swords, for example, when we put a certain blade on a particular hilt, that combination leads to a different price. So the choice of blade changes the basic rental price of the completed sword.

“Why don’t you have the same rental price for the same kind of item?”

You mean, like a flat $40/month for any rapier? Because we set the price based on the replacement cost. That way you don’t have to pay a high price for a less expensive item.

“What if I want to buy something that’s in the rental section?”

All rental items are now also available for sale. So if there is something that you think you might want to own rather than rent, just check out the price or drop us a line for a price quote. Some items are costly, but are being sold at 20 to 40 % off the original price! But remember, these are used items. And if I’m still building some styles as new items, I don’t offer those as used.

“Why are you selling off your rental stock? Are you going out of business?”

Not immediately.  But only the sky lasts forever, and I’m not getting younger. What I’d like to do is to switch from having a work schedule of 6 days a week and 12 hour days to something more like 3 days a week, 6 hours a day.

So that means that I’m simplifying my stock, reducing the number of items that I’ll carry. Certain items I will continue to build and stock for both sales and rental. But with some other styles, well, as they are sold off, they will not be replaced. And at some point (many years from now, I hope) once I retire I’m not planning on keeping even one dagger as a remembrance. So if your theatre has an ongoing need for a particular rental item, why not buy it now? For as they say, “everything must go!”.