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Since 1990 Weapons of Choice has provided swords, guns, and polearms specifically designed for STAGE USE. You’ve seen our fight worthy and costume props on the big and little screen, but my focus is on the needs of live theater, so our stock is built with my most important client in mind – you.

What do we do?

We rent and sell swords and firearms designed for theatrical use. Not film, not Ren Faires, not sport fencing, not collectors, not for weddings or costume parties. First and last – theatre.

Who uses us?

Community theatres, opera companies, middle schools, universities, equity playhouses, high schools, regional theatres and dance companies across the United States ….

Why do they use Weapons of Choice?

  • Practical weapons at prices that are unbeatable.
  • All blades have rounded tips and dulled edges.
  • All firing guns are completely block-barreled.
  • A wealth of knowledge to make sure that the items you get are period and show specific.

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